Create a New User Mailbox in Exchange 2010

A mailbox is an area of an exchange server mailbox store database where a particular user’s private messages are stored. Creating a new mailbox with EMC is easy. Click the New mailbox option and EMC launches the new mailbox for exchange Wizard to gather the information that it needs to create the mailbox.

Exchange 2010 supports the following mailbox types:

User mailbox

The standard full-function mailbox used by Exchange. EMC can create a mailbox in any database in the organization. Owned by a user and used to send and receive messages.

Room mailbox

Used to represent conference rooms so that users can book them for meetings through calendar requests.

Linked mailbox

Mailboxes that are linked to a user account in a separate, trusted forest.

Equipment Mailbox

The associated user account that is created will automatically be disabled.

1. Start the Exchange Management Console, Navigate to the Recipient Configuration node. In the action pane, click New Mailbox.


2.  The New Mailbox Wizard appears. Select User Mailbox option and click Next.


3. On the User Type option, click New User, and then click Next.


4. fill the User Information.

If you want to specify a particular organizational unit. If checked, click the Browse button and select the desired OU for the user account.


5. Enter the desired alias for the user.

6. Select specify the mailbox database rather than using a database automatically option and use the Browse button to select a specific database.


7. At the Archive Settings screen, determine whether you will give this user an online archive and click Next.


8. If you are satisfied with these options, click New to create the account.


9. The wizard will be completed successfully, Click finish.