How to Backup Data in windows 8.1 with File History

Windows 8.1 File History feature is an alternative to the simple method for backing up files. File History can back up individual folders, all files for all user accounts, or even your entire hard drive. It works with an external hard drive, USB drive, or a shared network drive. If any of these files happen to get damaged, lost or deleted, the File History means that you can restore the information from a previous version.

File History uses a lot less disk space to perform its backups, thanks to new compression technologies in Windows 8.1 and its ability to cache backups on your system disk. The backup is handled automatically by Windows 8.1 after this feature is turned on and the backup location is available.

1. Go to control panel and then click on file history tap.


2. You can also find File History option through Search.


3. The File History control panel is shown. It’s disabled by default.


4. Click the turn on option.


5. You can create a manual backup any time by clicking Run Now option.


6. Exclude folders enables you to exclude specific folders and libraries from backup by File History.


7. In advance settings You can change how often files are backed up, the size of the offline cache (which is the size of the File History backups replicated on your system disk), and the length of time to save backups.



8. You can also use Clean up versions option to clean up the older backups.



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