How to Disable Shadows Desktop Icons on Windows 10

Enabling and disabling shadow for desktop icons is very easy. Microsoft has added a huge shadow effect for desktop icons which may look good for some people and some people don’t like the shadow effect. With default settings, shadows appear under text on the desktop icons makes the operating system cool and make the text easier to use. In this Post we teach how to disable or drop shadow icons on desktop.

1. Open Control Panel and click the Advanced system settings option.

desktop icons

2. Click Settings in Performance option.

icons for desktop

3. In visual effects settings, uncheck show shadows under windows.

windows desktop icons

Drop Shadow Effect through Registry Editor

4. Open Run command, Type regedit in the field and then press enter.

drop shadow effect

5. Navigate to the following key:


6. Double click on ListviewShadow option.

drop shadow

7. Change the value of ListviewShadow 1 to to disable the shadow effect.

the shadow effect

 8. Finally restart your system.

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