How to save battery life in windows 10

Windows 10 brings back many of the familiar features to help users on earlier versions to get more productive quickly without a huge learning curve. Battery life is critical on laptops, and tablets. Windows makes it easy to keep an eye on your battery, Although many computer reviews and manufacturers now claim that some devices manage 8 hours of life on light use, which means not really using the machine the way you want to in an average day. Several tools you can use in the mobility center to optimize and save battery life.

 1. Open Action Center and then Click on All Settings.


2. Click the System group option.


3. There are two power related options. “Battery Saver” and “Power & Sleep”.First we apply Power & Sleep option.


4. Click on Additional power setting option.


5. Following are the default power plans:

Balanced: The computer balances performance with energy consumption.

Power Saver: Energy consumption is given top priority to extend battery life.

High Performance: Battery life isn’t an issue and you want the maximum performance from your PC.


Save Battery

Battery Saver is a newly added feature in Windows 10You can easily adjust the brightness of your screen Windows whenever you seem it to be too high than the required amount. Another way to save battery life of your device is to enable Battery Saver option. When the battery falls below a certain level, it will turn the laptop battery saver on automatically.

6. Click on Battery Saver settings.


7. On Battery Saver option, Click battery use option.


8. To change which apps can run in the background, Click on Change background app settings.



9. To configure the battery saver, Choose second option change battery saver settings.


10. Turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below, with this option users have the ability to set at which percentage Battery saver will kick on. The default setting is 20%.  You can also add an apps option that are always allowed to run while battery saver is on.



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