How to use Storage Sense in Windows 10

Storage Sense is a feature that lets you manage your computer’s drives and informed how much storage space is available. It groups your disk space into sections that easy to understand and manage. Storage Spaces is easy to set up and configure. If you wish to include other drives as part of the system image, so that they’ll be restored too.

In prior versions of Windows support for the redirection of personal folders was not a supported configuration, especially when you had to upgrade to a future revision of Windows or perform a repair install. Windows 10 changes this by making users redirect folders easily to other drives or partitions.

1. Open settings, Click on System Icon and then Click Storage option.


2. In Storage option you will see the details about your system and list down all the drives attached with your PC.


3. Clicking on my System drive where Windows 10 is installed, Storage Sense intelligently scans and calculates how much space is used by your personal data. You can drill down more in depth and find out what is actually eating up more space, I click Apps and Games option.


4. You can easily manage your Apps and Games option such as uninstalling or moving apps.