Memory Diagnostic Tool in Windows 8

Windows 8 can automatically detect performance issues, which include slow application startup, slow boot, slow standby/resume, and slow shutdown. Windows diagnostics can detect the problem and provide possible solutions

1. From Start, type mdsched.exe, and then press Enter. Normally, text that you type on Start is entered into the Apps Search box by default.

2. Choose whether to restart the computer immediately or to run at the next restart, click restart now

3. Windows Memory Diagnostic runs automatically after the computer restarts and performs a standard memory test. If you want to perform fewer or more tests, press F1, use the up and down arrow keys to set the Test Mix as Basic, Standard, or Extended, and then press F10 to apply the desired settings and resume testing.

4. When testing is complete, the computer restarts. You’ll see the test results when you log on.

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