Creating the Image in Windows 7


You can create an image of your Windows 7 in hard drive, DVD discs and network share, or save it on another hard drive. If you don’t have a network server available, you can use writable DVD media or an external USB hard drive to store your backup. 1. Click the Start button, type in […]

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Reverting to a Previous State in Windows 7

reverting_state windows 7

When you retrieve to a previous state, System Restore will not delete any of your personal documents such as photos, music, and Microsoft Word documents. However, such as installing new drivers and software changes made in between, will be wiped out. 1. Click the Start button, Type in System Restore and Enter

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Creating Restore Point in Windows 7


Restore Points in Windows can be created a number of ways. Every time you install new software, Windows automatically creates a new Restore Point. You can also manually create Restore Points in Windows 1. Click the Start button, Type Create a Restore Point, and then Enter.

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Password to your important Documents in Word 2010


If you want to secure your Document or Sometimes, you might want only certain people to be able to open and change a document. The easiest way to exercise this control is to assign a password to protect the document. Two levels of password protection:

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Clean Up the Mailbox in outlook 2010


You can manage the size of your mailbox by emptying the deleted items folder and archiving older items. You can use the Mailbox Cleanup tools to locate large folders, large items, and older items deletion processes. 1. Click on File tab, click the Cleanup Tools button, and then click Mailbox Cleanup. 2. In the Mailbox […]

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Manually Archive in outlook 2010


Manually archive Outlook items, do the following: 1. Click the File tab,Click Cleanup Tools and Click Archive. 2. Click the Archive this folder and all subfolders option, and then click the folder that you want to archive. 3. Click ok Related Articles: AutoArchive in Outlook 2010

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AutoArchive in Outlook 2010


Enable Auto Archive in Microsoft Outlook 2010 to reduce the size of your mailbox data. Auto Archive is turned on by default and runs every 14 days. You can change it a number from 1 to 60 in the days box. 1. Click the File tab and Click Options.

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