How to Setup VPN on Windows 10


VPNs provide dramatic flexibility in network design and a reduced total cost of ownership in the WAN. A virtual private network can be best described as an encrypted tunnel between two computers over the network such as the Internet. vpn windows 10 also include new security controls, including monitoring which apps can access data across […]

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Create a New User Mailbox in Exchange 2010


A mailbox is an area of an exchange server mailbox store database where a particular user’s private messages are stored. Creating a new mailbox with EMC is easy. Click the New mailbox option and EMC launches the new mailbox for exchange Wizard to gather the information that it needs to create the mailbox.

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How to configure send connector in exchange server 2010


A Connector is a piece of software that acts as a gateway between exchange server routing groups or from a routing group to a non-exchange mail system. A connector enables the exchange system to interact directly with a foreign email system, as though its users were part of your exchange system. Connectors can integrate foreign […]

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Downloading Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3


Microsoft has released Service Pack 3 for exchange server 2010. If you are planning to upgrade your exchange servers 2010 sp3 you should be aware that there is an Active Directory schema update involved. When installing SP3 on Exchange 2010 you should upgrade the server roles in the following order.

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How to Install ADFS on windows server 2012 R2


The ADFS configuration database is used to store all configuration data that represents a single ADFS instance or federation service. ADFS provides for Single Sign-On technology to allow for a user logon to be passed to multiple web applications within a single session and gives you the option to store the data on a Windows […]

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Fix Error 0xC1900101 – 0x40017 Windows 8.1

It appears on Windows 8.1 while downloading and installing updates. It’s not difficult to deal with this error, The users facing the problem try to initiate the update process followed by the Setup failing to proceed further, when configuring hardware. To fix up this issue, initially I suggested him to try some basic troubleshooting steps. […]

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Installation of Exchange Server 2010 on windows server 2008 R2


Before you install exchange server 2010, the administrator should understand how to prepare your network for an exchange server 2010 installation and understand the installation choices that are available. System Requirements With Exchange Server 2010, 32-bit support has gone away, and the product is only being released in a 64-bit version. By utilizing 64-bit architecture, […]

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