Overview of dynamic access control in windows server 2012

The Windows Server 2012 domain functional level adds only one new feature that Active directory helps bring to life. This new feature relates to Dynamic Access Control (DAC) . DAC attempts to solve a problem that has plagued Windows administrators forever managing file system access control lists and ever changing group memberships.works as a layer […]

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How to disable startup program windows 8


Task Manager Utility included in Windows 8 is very easy to use. It shows you which applications have a big impact on your system startup. The best ways to speed up your PC without having to spend money on extra RAM is to disabling startup programs and services. When a program installs, it automatically adds […]

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How to delete apps usage history in Windows 8


If you are working with a computer on which a large number of Windows 8 apps have been installed, and something is malfunctioning and you don’t know what to do. Windows 8 Task Manager includes the App History tab. This tab lists all the apps that you’ve used on this computer since a given time. […]

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How to create advance firewall rules in Windows 8


When the Windows Firewall advanced settings loads, you will see the complexity and the power of the new firewall. More advanced firewall settings to be configured in Windows with Advanced Security.

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How to enable Hidden administrator account on Windows 8


A single user windows 8 administrator account is built into Windows 8. This is not the same as an administrative account you create yourself or see on the login screen. It’s different from the normal administrator account you most likely have set up on your PC. The Administrator account is the most important account on […]

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How to configure windows 8 firewall

firewall-windows 8-1

Windows 8 Firewall is a barrier between your computer and the outside world. When a remote computer attempts to access a computer that is protected by a firewall, it is not able to connect and the data that was sent is ignored and discarded and it prevents the outside world from being able to access […]

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How to refresh or reset your Windows 8 PC

refresh windows 8

When your system has such a problem e.g slowing down and generates error messages, there’s only one solution to refresh windows 8 or start from scratch. A full installation is a time-consuming job, because you have to copy all your data somewhere, and then restore your data. Windows 8, for the first time in Windows […]

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