Scheduling Backup in Windows Server 2008 R2

You can acquire system backup through scheduling.

1. Log on to a DC with domain administrator credentials and launch Windows Server Backup from the Administrative Tools.

2. Click Backup Schedule in the Actions pane. This launches the Backup Schedule Wizard click Next.

3. Click Full Server (Recommended) and click Next

4. On the Specify Backup Time page, choose the time of day for the backup. You can also choose to back up the system more than once a day.

5. On the Select Destination Disk page, click backup to a volume.


You cannot use mapped network drives with Windows Server Backup when scheduling backup tasks. It will only address rewritable media such as removable hard drives. It also supports virtual hard drives as a target for backup.

6. When you click Next, the wizard tells you that the target disk will be reformatted. Click Yes. Windows Server Backup requires exclusive access to the target device and, therefore, must format it when the scheduled backup is created.

7. Confirm your options and click Finish

8. Click Close to create the schedule.

The target disk will be formatted, and the task will be added to the system’s Scheduled Tasks list..

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