What’s new in windows 10

Microsoft launching windows 10 new face of both Windows and eventually Windows Phone, launch on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 is the mostly anticipated version of Microsoft’s desktop OS in sometime, and the first in just as long that has received almost universal acclaim from users.

Windows 10 is the seventeenth version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, and the ninth version of the business-focused NT kernel. Windows 10 will also be Microsoft’s first truly cross-platform operating system,running on everything from desktops, laptops, and tablets down to phones, the Xbox One and upwards to their new Surface Hub and Holographic headset.

Microsoft is emphasizing with Windows 10 that the user is firmly in control of their own privacy, and this begins at the installation stage, where you’re asked what you want to share with Microsoft.

Currently Windows 10 is under development and Microsoft has released a testing version of Windows 10 called Windows 10 Insider Preview to public which can be downloaded absolutely free.


Cortana first appeared in Windows Phone 8.1 in 2014 and has been slowly rolling out to countries worldwide. Cortana does much more than answer basic search queries and provide the latest news and weather updates

windows 10-features-1

You will also be able to activate Cortana by simply saying Hey, Cortana while at your computer, though with this feature also reported to be coming to Windows 10 for Phones it remains to be seen how it’ll work should you also have your phone on your desk when you say this. Users will also be able to access Cortana’s Notebook at anytime.

Start Menu Improvements

One of the largest criticisms of Windows 8 was the removal of the Start Menu from the desktop, and its replacement with the full-screen Start Screen and the All Apps View including live tiles that you can re-size and move around yourself. You can even resize the entire Start menu to your liking. Microsoft says their goal here is personalization, so you can make the Start menu work for you.

windows 10-features-2

final release of Windows 10 these views will be highly configurable, just as they were in Windows 7, with apps viewable in a variety of different ways. You can also drag Universal Apps directly out of the All Apps list into the tiled area on the right of Start Menu.

Multiple desktops

The ability to have multiple desktops on a PC has been a feature of GNU/Linux for years, and many plug-ins have existed for Windows to allow you to add the feature and you’ll be able to switch between different desktops where multiple apps can run.

windows 10-features-3

Windows Phone 10

A specialized version of Windows 10 will be launched for smartphones, with revamped Office and  outlook applications, which resemble their PC counterparts. When Windows Phone first launched, we could store files on our phones and open them using the built-in Office and PDF apps. However, it took some time for an actual File Explorer app to be released by Microsoft, and then it was a downloadable extra. Now, a full File Explorer has been included in Windows 10 for Phones, allowing us to better organize of files, documents, music, videos, and photos can be grouped and displayed in different ways such as by date and location.

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Another major benefit of having Windows 10 running on the Xbox One is that you will be able to play games online with people who are using a Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet. Not all players will need an Xbox One console to participate. All you will need is the game available for the different devices.

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